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5 Reasons to Buy Fair Trade Jewelry

Fair Trade Bracelet Handmade in Jordan

Your purchase of fair trade jewelry and hand crafted products can help people in communities and areas of the world where agricultural products may not be viable.  While the certification process for these products is different than for commodity goods, they represent an important option to help break the cycle poverty and dependency.  Here are some of the reasons to buy fair trade jewelry:
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Are You Hiring Children to Make Your Clothes?

Children making rugsOf course you aren’t hiring children, at least not on purpose.  But are you sure?  The reality is that unless you’re buying fair trade clothing, you can’t be confident that your clothes have not been made by a child or in a sweatshop.  While there are few fair trade options available for consumers today, this may change soon. [click to continue…]

What Is a Fair Trade University?

First Fair Trade University - Univ of WisconsinAcross the United States, a growing number of colleges and universities are committing to the purchase and promotion of fair trade products and principals.  These institutions are part of a movement called Fair Trade Universities and Colleges.  The initiative began in 2008 at the University of Wisconsin and in May, 2013 became part of an umbrella group called Fair Trade Campaigns.

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Fairtrade Fortnight

The first Fairtrade Fortnight was held in 1997 in Scotland and has since become an international campaign to create awareness of the plight of small farmers in the developing world and how the consumption habits of richer countries can help or hurt them.  Consumers and retailers participate as a way to promote fair trade with activities range from food tastings and fashion shows to media events and petitions for change in public policy.
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Empowerment – Not Charity

Teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime.One of the most powerful benefits of fair trade is its ability to create sustainable economic models that lift developing countries out of the cycle of poverty and dependency on foreign aid and charity.  Fair Trade Connect promotes empowerment and not just charity.

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