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Why Tea Lovers Should Care About Fair Trade

Tea Pickers in Terraced FieldThere are many steps from the farmer to the tea in your cup, with little of the retail price being distributed to those who actually plant and pick the leaves.  For tea lovers to continue to enjoy high quality tea in their cups, the fairness of the tea supply chain matters. [click to continue…]

Sustainability is Good Business

One of the reasons that fair trade make sense is that it rewards ethical decision making and sustainable business practices. The result benefits everyone from producer to end consumer. Here are some recent news articles that describe the business benefits of doing the right thing.
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Challenges Facing Small Coffee Farmers

Farmers hand pick coffee beans when ripeOver 2 billion cups of coffee are consumed each day, with coffee being the second most valuable commodity traded in the world (after oil). Millions of people rely on the production, roasting, and sale of coffee to make a living. Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, Indonesia, and Vietnam are the world’s largest exporters of coffee. For some of the least developed countries, coffee accounts for up to 80% of export income. [click to continue…]