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5 Reasons to Buy Fair Trade Jewelry

Fair Trade Bracelet Handmade in Jordan

Your purchase of fair trade jewelry and hand crafted products can help people in communities and areas of the world where agricultural products may not be viable.  While the certification process for these products is different than for commodity goods, they represent an important option to help break the cycle poverty and dependency.  Here are some of the reasons to buy fair trade jewelry:
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Fair Trade Saves the Caribbean Windward Islands

“There is certainly no doubt about it – Fairtrade has saved the Islands. Without it we would be in desperate trouble.” – Cornelius Lynch, Secretary of the Fairtrade Committee, St Lucia

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How Fair Trade Reduces Global Poverty

If you’re reading this, you have probably already decided that you’d like to help disadvantaged farmers and workers by purchasing products that are fair trade certified.  But you may also be wondering how those who produced the product will actually benefit from what you buy.  There is surprisingly little independent analysis of the benefits for disadvantaged producers and their communities, given that fair trade accounts for billions of dollars in annual sales.  Most studies have focused on the motivation of consumers rather than the actual benefits to the producers themselves.  Two recent studies published by researchers in Europe and the US show how fair trade helps fight global poverty.

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