Sustainability is Good Business

One of the reasons that fair trade make sense is that it rewards ethical decision making and sustainable business practices. The result benefits everyone from producer to end consumer. Here are some recent news articles that describe the business benefits of doing the right thing.

How Responsible Sourcing Practices Help Avoid Disasters

In the aftermath of the factory collapse in Bangladesh, businesses are reevaluating how they set buying criteria and choose suppliers. Sustainable supply chains are becoming the responsibility of the buyer and not just the supplier. Businesses are taking into account the true cost of buying decisions, including environmental and social factors.

Fair Trade Fashion Company Challenges Industry to “Choose Life”

Indigenous Designs challenges the fashion industry to take a more serious approach to improving social responsibility and sustainability. To help educate consumers, the company will begin using mobile technology and social media to provide information about the people who make their clothing. Scott Leonard, CEO, “No one should have to suffer and die to produce the clothes we wear”.

Business Case for Improvements in Working Conditions

After analyzing data from 70 electronics factories in China, researchers concluded that investments that improve worker conditions can pay off in as little as four months due to increases in worker productivity. For example, factories with air conditioning had fewer defects due to worker error. Just one more example of how doing the right thing makes good ethical and business sense.

How The Global Tea Industry Can Address Ethical Issues

Global consumption of tea is expected to exceed 3 million tons per year over the next 10 years. The industry needs more focus on sustainability and ethical treatment of plantation workers. This article describes collaboration between the Tea Board of India and Rainforest Alliance, as well as successful initiatives in Kenya and Rwanda to make improvements in the industry.

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