The Fair Trade Connect Store

Fair Trade Products Delivered To Your HomeThe Fair Trade Connect Store is setup to make it convenient for you to find fair trade products and have them delivered to your door. The collection includes a wide variety of products from suppliers who have certified by independent organizations such as Fair Trade USA or the Fair Trade Federation.

While you can certainly go to Amazon and search for fair trade products, the problem is that you’ll get a list of products with “fair trade” in the product name but no verification of certification status.  In some cases, the product may show a fair trade label but the supplier’s certification may have lapsed.  What this means is that there is no independent verification that the farmers and producers of the products are actually receiving fair wages for their labor or their share of the fair trade premium.  Each supplier of products in the Fair Trade Connect Store has been cross-checked with the certifying organization to ensure that their certification status is current.

The same question applies when you find fair trade products on a grocery store shelf.  You need to look very carefully to find fair trade products in the first place, as most stores will offer only a limited variety.  Then, the product may be named fair trade, but be a store brand or other brand that is not independently certified.  While I don’t mind paying a premium for fair trade, I don’t want to pay the premium unless I’m sure it has the intended benefits for poor farmers and workers.  This is exactly what a fair trade certification ensures.

Please browse the collection and buy something today.  You can have confidence that Amazon’s order fulfillment system will get the product to you on time and that your purchase will be helping to make the world a better place.

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